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Research Paper for General Biology Topic - the Reason to Have a Research Paper Format

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Research Paper for General Biology Topic - the Reason to Have a Research Paper Format



The reason to have a research paper format is for the student not to think that the research is for intimidation but to be aware of the following rules.

• Students should be aware of the main rules of writing a research paper. If you know the standards of the research paper format required, you know what is expected from your writing.

• You should pick out a topic for your research paper that is not very broad, since you are to disclose it in your research paper completely, so be careful and think about the consequences.

• When you start writing your research paper, the first thing you should think about is a correct presentation of the issue.

• In the introductory part, think about a thesis statement that will be the basis of your work, its main question that should be answered in the course of your research. When it is time to write the main body, i.e. methodology, analysis, evaluation, try to find the best way for their presentation. Also, you are to remember about the structure of your paper - stick to it.

• You should know that sometimes it is possible not to stick to all the requirements of a concrete research paper format. Still, you should understand that following the ideas of one research paper format makes your writing better and easier


As we understand the term biology, we can put it in short term that it is a science that encompasses various subfields, which also can be called divide science. Thus, before choosing biology research a paper, a student has to make a decision on specified fields that (s) he will be writing a research paper for. The student can divide the subtopics as

Follows for the efficiency on the research:

• Botany

• Cell biology

• Genetics

• Anatomy

• Biochemistry

• Parasitology

• Molecular biology


Biology Laboratory Experiment

This research paper contains the experiments that take place in Laboratories. These are some of the subtopics we get in this research paper.


Pesticides More Dangerous To Reproduction When Found in Pairs? :

An article reporting on a possible synergistic effect of certain chemicals on mammalian reproduction. Bibliography lists two sources.

Human Fertilization & Reproduction

Page exploration of the biological mechanisms involved in reproduction and fertilization.

Polychlorinated Biphenyls / Effects on Reproduction

Overview of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and their adverse impact on the reproduction of both humans and other animals.

Schwann Cells / Their Function & Relationship to Axon Cells

Overview of Schwann cells and their relationship to axons.

The Structure Of Muscle Tissue In Red Vs. White Meat

Examination of the differences between red and white meat.

The Endocrine System

Overview of the endocrine system.

The Borna Virus / Its Link to Depression in Humans

Discussion of the Borna virus, an infectious agent which attacks the central nervous system, and its link to depression and other psychiatric disorders in humans.

Catalase -- The Enzyme

Overview of the enzyme catalase, its function in both the living organism and as an isolated form in commercial applications.


Examination of the proteanaceous infectious particles which are responsible for the degeneration of brain cells.

The Neurons of the Bipolar, Unipolar & Multipolar Cells

Overview of the anatomical makeup and function

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