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Saint Joan of Arc

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Saint Joan of Arc

St. Joan of Arc

Born in 1412 into to a deprived family, Saint Joan of Arc was set to become a heroine in the town of Domremy. Joan was a daughter to Jacques d’Arc, a hardworking farmer, and her mother, a gentle kind woman. Born into peasantry, her mother often taught her practical things, such as sewing. As a child, Joan enjoyed praying at the shrines of Our Blessed Mother. During the time of the Hundred Years’ War St. Michael the Archangel repeatedly appeared for three years and told her, “Daughter of God, go save France!” At that time French had ceded of much of its land to England and needed a miracle. At the age of sixteen she began her mission and led an army into the city of New Orleans with a flag representing Jesus and Mary in one hand. In her white, shining armor she rode with honor, but was shot by an arrow; this arrow did not stop her from encouraging her men to victory.

Joan was not only and honorable daughter and military leader, but later on in her life she was given the title of St. Joan of Arc. Assisting France in the defeat of England Joan was loyal not only to herself and her country, but also to God. After many victories Joan began to suffer; she was captured by an enemy and put into prison after an unfair trial. Joan was executed and burned to death when she nearly turned twenty. On May 29, 1431 Joan’s last word was “Jesus.” Four hundred and eighty-nine years later, on May 16, 1920 Pope Benedict Xv canonized Joan. Not only was Joan a faithful child of God, but to me she represented a true Catholic. Joan was asked by God to accomplish a very difficult, nearly impossible, task and she completed it at a young age. Many young teens today, like me, would never think of

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