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Sanguine Amity

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Sanguine Amity

Picture us; just You and I

Under a starry back-lit sky.

Look into my eyes, tell me why

Can't we give it one more try?

You move to look away and sigh:

We lost so much along our way

With things we both forgot to say.

We can't go back to yesterday,

We're different people standing here today.

I want nothing more than for you to stay,

But the space between us won't go away.

The pain and longing is too much to pay.

You turn and face me,

But still you can't see

How I can feel we are meant to be

And why I love your amity.

I want to keep your memory,

Only you make me truly happy.

No matter what,

You're always there.

You have your own way

Of showing you care.

We're the best of friends;

The perfect pair.

To call our arguments "fights"

Just wouldn't be fair.

I'm so at home with you,

At times it's too much to bare.

Though others have come and gone,

Our hearts are still true.

We went seperate ways,

Yet our love has made it through.

We always seem to make it back

To eachother as if we always knew

That someday, for us, the skies


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