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Save Our Water

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Save Our Water

Have you ever seen all the pollution people put in our watersheds these days? If you don’t think that our watersheds are polluted then you need to go see our watershed, Lake Swamp. Do you know why it’s so important to stop pollution in watersheds? It’s important because if we don’t keep our water clean it will become polluted and non-drinkable. What do you think everyone could do to stop watershed pollution?

Do you know what a watershed is? A watershed is the region that draws water and snowmelt into bodies of water. Every water system whether a small tributary, lake, or stream has its own watershed. Do you know what pollution is? Pollution is to make unclean, impure, or corrupt. So if your water is polluted it is unhealthy for all living things.

There are many different kinds of pollution. There is carbon, hydrogen, nitrates, phosphates, lead, zinc, manganese, calcium, potassium, toxic waste, and many others. Pollutants can cause behavioral effects, genotoxicity, carcinogenity, and neurotoxicity in living organisms. Pollution can also cause reproductive problems and if living organisms can’t reproduce then the species will die out.

I think people should stop littering in the water. When people go boating they bring snacks to eat and when they’re done eating they throw the trash in the water. The litter causes living things to die. Also when people have oil many of them dump it in the water. Sometimes boats that carry oil have oil spills and it kills thousands of living things. Oil spill clean ups also cost millions of dollars from the tax payers wallets.

I think the city should hire someone to monitor our watershed. This person would take temperatures, check the water, pick up trash, and notify someone if there was water in the oil. I think this person would be a big help in the process of cleaning out our watershed.

Chemical pollution from farmers and the pesticides they spray on their crops is another problem. Then when it rains the chemicals

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