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Senator Clinton

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Senator Clinton

Senator Clinton

In Madam President there is a chapter called "Senator Clinton" written by Eleanor Clift and Tom Brazatis in 2003, which shows us how Hillary Clinton surpassed all of the problems in her marriage and in the Clinton presidency. Hillary went from the first lady to the first First Lady to become a senator. The chapter proves that if we put our minds to what ever we want to do; we can accomplish it. Clearly enough, Hillary Clinton may have used her husband's mistakes to make a name for her self, but the outcome was a great one. Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947 and grew up in Park Ridge Illinois. Hillary came from a small family; also Hillary was happy and very disciplined. The chapter speaks about how Hillary became what she is now, the senator of New York. Although, she also served as first lady of Arkansas for twelve years and First Lady of the United States for eight years. Hillary has been through a lot since she married Bill Clinton, and found away around it and succeeded in everything she has done.

While Hillary was in the White House, she had given the name First Lady a new look. When Hillary wanted to improve health care, she had some good ideas, for example she was going to "expand children's health insurance program"(Clinton, 2000) and also "allow people between fifty-five and sixty-five buy into Medicare"(Clinton, 2000). With the expanding of health insurance and elderly people buying into Medicare there would be more youth and elderly people with the proper care that they need. Also, some people believe if she would have taken her health care bill to the media, the bill could have made some progress or been passed if more people heard about the bill. Today as the senator of New York "Senator Clinton believes that every American should have access to quality, affordable health care."(Friends of Hillary, 2005). Over three million people do not have any health insurance. This means, when they need medical assistance they either do not have the money for it, or they pay a greater amount of money for the assistance.

Throughout the marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton, there has been a lot of controversy. On the morning of Wednesday, January 21, the Washington Post printed an article stating that Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. When Hillary came to realize what was going on she and many others were furious. One person was going to write to Hillary and say,' "I 'd come over and we'd take all his ties [some of them gifts from Lewinsky] and cut them up and fling them off the Truman Balcony, and send them sailing across the southern lawn."'(Clift and Brazaitis, 2003, 104)

Although Hillary was furious with her husband when he came and asked for help, she was there. His was very common in their marriage, but strangely enough Hillary seemed to thrive on it. She seemed to put on her game face, and went on to defend her husband. Hillary once said, "Anyone who knows my husband knows that he is an extremely generous person to people he knows, to strangers, to anybody who is around him."(Milton, 1999, 7). Mrs. Clinton is trying to say Bill Clinton might have given Monica Lewinsky gifts, but as a friend. After the case was closed, Bill Clinton had the feeling it was not over between the Clintons and Monica Lewinsky, so he agreed to an $850,000 cash settlement, but since the president had no savings, Hillary wrote a check worth $375,000, which was a portion of what his insurance did not cover. Through the whole mess, Hillary was devoted and committed to her husband and the Clinton dynasty.

The Clinton dynasty would move on, with the news that Senator Moynihan was not running for the seat again. When the news was out, Hillary's phone started to ring. Charlie Rangel, urged Clinton to run for the Senate. Although Hillary's thought "It was an off-the wall idea". (Clift & Brazaitis, 2003, 143), she still ran. In addition, Hillary was the first "First Lady" to be a candidate for an elected office. Originally, Hillary was running against Mayor Giuliani, but Giuliani was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and was having family problems, which caused him to drop out of the campaign. Furthermore, Frank Lazio stepped in to take Giuliani's place. In addition, the three candidates spent a combined $78 million on the campaigns. Also, we soon found out that most of Hillary's supporters were from New York City, but many

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