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Smoking Habit: The Good and Bad of It

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Smoking Habit: The Good and Bad of It

There are numerous cigarette brands in the market now. Just to name a few, Marlboro, Mild Seven, Lucky Strike, Salem and Dunhill are the world-known famous brands. Like any product, each brand of cigarettes has its own distinct taste which smokers could select which ever suits their taste buds better. For my personal choice, IЃfm fond of the Marlboro brand in general, and in Japan I sometimes buy the Caster brand for it is well-known super mild taste. On the other hand, there are also similarities between each brand of cigarettes; they contain a high amount of tar and nicotine. As we all know, it is scientifically proven that nicotine is deadly and addictive. But ironically, people still pursue to smoke cigarettes continuously. Now the question is, why do people still smoke even though they know it is bad for their health? This question can only be answered by smokers themselves.

First and foremost, I would like to confess that I do smoke. But, I donЃft think I call myself a smoker because I am not addicted to it. I did some research by surfing the internet to find some information about smoking. Several sites stated that there are about 4000 hazardous chemicals in the smoke cause by cigarettes that can cause a variety of health problems such as cancer, including cancer of the oral cavity (lip, tongue, mouth, and throat), esophagus, larynx and lung. Furthermore, scientifically proven that people who smoke cigarettes dies earlier than non-smokers in average of 14 years younger! I would definitely not want to die early if I have the choice. There are still so many things in this would that I would like to accomplish before I die. To be truly honest, I am really determined to quit this bad habit of mine as soon as I could. But as the online article said, ЃgIt is easier telling people your plan to quit than to actually having it done!Ѓh When I gave the phrase a thought, it was exactly the thing that happened to me.

From a true smoker, I would like to share my story. I began smoking at a very young age. I was fourteen back then. I was actually raised in a boarding school since I was in junior high. In that boarding school, I learn to live without boundaries, wild and free. I suppose the lack of parental supervision made me start smoking. Even though there were about 20 wardens in that boarding school to look after us, but these people had to control about 700 of students, which makes it so hard for them to look after each and everyone of us the way our real parents do. Although, there are strict laws and regulations that we need to comply with in school and if we get caught red handed we might be expel from the school. Being expel from a school is certainly the worst thing that can happen to a student. This is because, if a student gets expel not many school would want to accept them for it might make the school look bad for accepting a black listed student in. From all of those treats and scary stories, I still keep on smoking and luck was always by my side for I was never been caught red handed smoking.

I can still remember the first time I tried smoking. It was the time when I went on an outing with my friends during ЃgOuting WeekЃh, which we have twice a month. We actually made an effort to change our school uniform to a casual outfit so we would not be easily recognized by our seniors or the wardens. We entered a game arcade, where students with school uniforms are not allowed to enter. When we were having fun playing the games, thatЃfs when it all started. One of my friends took out a box of Dunhill bran cigarette out of his pocket and passes it around to my friends. I was the only one who refuses to take any of the cigarettes. They started to kindled up the tobacco in front of me, by shoving the cigarette and expressing the sensation of smoking by inhaling the cigarette smoke deeply and exhaling it slowly. They really personify that they enjoyed it very much. After that, they persuaded me to smoke with them. For if I smoke, I would definitely not tell on them. The next thing I know, we agreed in splitting our money to buy a box or two of cigarettes whenever we go out for an outing in the future.

At that time, I smoked smoke cigarettes for peer acceptance. Also, I did enjoy smoking. ItЃfs really fun. I also like the feeling of sharing the enjoyment with peers. At that time, we were proud to call ourselves a true teenager who are actually daring enough to try something new without thinking the consequences behind it.

As time goes by, I grew up and start thinking straight. As I reached the age of sixteen, I decided to quit smoking for I am about to move to another new boarding school. I wanted to become a better person and set my priorities straight. I would just smoke a stick or two, only if my friends persuade me to do so in order for me to not tell on them. When I flew

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