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Sociological Perspective on the Poverty of America

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Sociological Perspective on the Poverty of America

Are people in America really as poor as some say? I recently watched a video on YouTube created by Glenn Beck. He goes into detail of describing whether or not Americans are actually considered poor. However, Beck's YouTube video proved to many people that the "poor population" of Americans are not so poor after all. He describes how the "poor people" own a share of very expensive objects. Of that population of the "poor people" 73% of them own an automobile, 97% own color televisions, 73% own microwaves as well as other utilities used on a daily basis, thus all while collecting food stamps. So what does this really tell you about the "poor population" of America when statistics prove that the so-called poor people are not so poor after all.

People should either do some research on the "poor population" or just keep their comments and judgmental thoughts to themselves. This video created by Glenn Beck, also goes hand in hand with Paul D'AMATO'S written report, which is called "The Source of Their Riches" both of these go into detail about financial issues of some people and their hope to rise out of poverty. D'AMATO states that By and large, the poor aren't poor because the rich are rich. They're usually poor for their own reasons, or decisions earlier in their life. Sometimes, in life one decision can determine how you live the rest of your life, but also people could be poor because of other reasons as well, which can include family issues, illnesses, car accidents, as well as many other reasons. I do personally agree with D'AMATO because the poor people cannot blame the rich for being to rich or making the money that poor should be making, what people do not ever realize is that the poor population at once had the same opportunities as the rich population and they could be working the same job as the rich, but however something either came up in their life or they are just too lazy to actually get a good quality job.

Also, the way you live your life whether upper class, middle class, lower class or poor, is all based on the decisions someone makes in life. It is an equal opportunity for everyone out there, without discrimination from how much money you make compared to someone else. Every single person has or has had the same opportunity as everyone else, it just depends on who is determined more to reach out and see the opportunity and go with it.

It is amazing that even people who own some of the most expensive items including automobiles, microwaves, color televisions as well

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