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Speech Communication Learning Objectives

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Speech Communication Learning Objectives

Chapters 8-14 learning objectives

Chapter 8:

1. Clear organization is vital to speechmaking. Listeners demand coherence. They get only one chance to grasp a speaker's ideas, and they have little patience for speakers who ramble aimlessly from one idea to another. A well-organized speech will enhance the credibility and make it easier for the audience to understand the message.

2. The tips discussed for preparing main points are:

• Keep main points separate.

• Try to use the same wording for main points.

• Balance the amount of time devoted to main points.

3. The four major types of speech connectives are transitions, internal previews, internal summaries, and signposts. Using them effectively will make the speeches more unified and coherent.

Chapter 9:

1. The four objectives of a speech introduction are:

• Get the attention and interest of the audience.

• Reveal the topic of the speech.

• Establish credibility and goodwill.

• Preview the body of the speech.

2. The seven major methods discussed in the textbook for gaining attention and interest in a speech introduction are:

• Relate the topic to the audience.

• State the importance of the topic.

• Startle

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