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Stem Cell Research: Pro

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Stem Cell Research: Pro

Since the early days of man, life expectancy was very low and the effective treatments of dire wounds were limited. If a man or woman had a serious wound, the only possible answer back then might have been amputation, just so the limb does not get infected or spread to any other part of the body. Today, both of these have now been increased and improved thanks to our innovative technology. We now have medicine to keep people living longer, and much more effective treatment for internal and external incises. Although these discoveries have brought us this far, they can only do so much for people who have a terminally ill causing disease, such as cancer. Stem cell research should be the answer that changes how we cure people with diseases and give people back organs and limbs which they lost.

The achievable goals of these cells is near almost infinite. Stem cell’s almost limitless potential has been a focal point for medical research for many decades. While it is true that these cells have the ability to manipulate themselves into any of the 220 different types of cells in the human body, it enables scientists to grow back entire limbs and organs for those who are in need of them. Imagine being able to give back memories to someone with alzheimer’s, replace skin that was burned or severed in an accident, or give the ability of walking to someone who has been in a wheel chair from paralysis. Yes, stem cell research could improve the world’s people all around if the boundaries were removed, along with the limited funding from the government.

Because of our current government choices to limit stem cell research, we need to re-elect a body of candidates that are pro stem cell research. Granted that stem cell research is still legal to an extent, scientists cannot escape past the barriers that President Bush has set. Without these boundaries, the progression to curing terminal diseases can only get smaller with the help of these cells. To deny the advancement in research of these miracle cells is a crime against humanity itself. If we did not have the barriers set in that time, by now, we would be so much closer to achieving a goal that is far overdue to meeting, which is curing cancer. While it’s true that President Bush isn’t actually against stem cell research, he is not in favor of spending federal funding on research some would call “unethical”. Some people believe that stem cell research is unethical because the cells come from an embryo, and the extraction of these stem cells kills the embryo, committing, in their eyes, murder. Yes there are a lot of pro lifers out there, but most of them are too blind to put themselves into a person’s shoes who has contracted Parkinson’s or Leukemia.

The view that most people have about human embryos having the same unalienable rights as human beings is completely wrong . They are comparing the rights

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