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This project was very surprising however it was very interesting in seeing the different stereotypes. We are all influenced by the perceptions that people have of us due to the groups with which we are identified. There are five main points that influence stereotypes and that are used to define who we are: culture, gender, age, race/ethnicity and class. People look at us and see us through the social construction of these categories and on the basis of this make decisions about us and how we are likely to behave. These decisions are often made unconsciously, we often are unaware of the decisions we make about others or those they make about us but they greatly affect the value we place on each other and whom we select to live, work and play with. I was able to observe some local business and their approach towards customers. In observance to the assignment, I visit a couple of men-oriented business AutoZone on two different days and Hibbett Sports store. My husband and I visited Dillard’s women department and DEB’S women’s fashion store in the Mall. I was able to observe and take close attention in how stereotypes really play a roll in your appearance and how we as customers are sometimes treated.


In Appendix A, I was able to visit AutoZone on a Tuesday morning. That day was not really a busy day they were restoring all of their products in their shelves. That day I went dressed very ugly looking, it looked like if I had just jumped out of the bed and got into the car, I wore a wrinkle t-shirt, my husbands sweat pants, flip flops, my hair was just picked up in a wild pony tail, and absolutely I had no make up on. I intentionally dressed up like that because; I wanted to observe if the assistance depended on my looks. As a result, Bonvillian mentions that “Women’s physical image is a crucial part of their being” (Bonvillian, Ch 7). In this observance I wanted to probe my self what Bonvillian mentioned, about the different treatment that you will receive depending on your appearance and it sure is true. I entered the store with my 2 year old daughter and walked for about 5 minutes, while one manager passed by me and did have eye contact, but he did not offered me assistance. There were also some young employees that looked at me and did not offer me assistance. I tried to look confused and tried to appear that I did not now what or how to ask for. Then I had to approach one of the managers that at the entrance he totally ignored me. I told him that I was looking for some car paint, and he was putting up some stuff in the shelves he had his back toward me and he did not even bother to answer me and stop doing what he was doing. More surprising, he was the manager. After I asked him he did not gave the chance to explain for what I needed for of anything, he just took me to the place where they had the car paint and he just and just left me there a, he did not try to help me or even bothered in asking me if I needed help in getting the appropriate paint. According to Bonvillian; “Men interrupt women more than man interrupt men” (Bonvillian, Ch. 7).

I had to approach somebody and ask for help, and not only that I was not informed or offered types of paint or any source of attention. In my opinion I did not received the treatment I deserved. The next day I made a visit to the same place but this time my appearance was extremely changed.

In Appendix B, I was able to visit AutoZone for the second time, but this time was very different because I looked very nice; I dressed my self to impress and to look good. In this same day I entered the store and they appeared to be a little busy, but even then I received assistance right away because of my appearance. This time I had several employees asking me if I needed any help with anything, and at the same time the manager that I approached the day before approached me and asked me if there was anything in particular that I was looking for. I told the manager that I was just looking around, thank you. But the manager continued to insist after 2 to 3 minutes had passed, and let me know that he was going to be right there to help me with anything that I needed. He asked me again, so are you trying to paint your car? I answered him; yes. He was very helpful that day, he provided me with a business card with a man that does that a Borman’s dealership and he even called him and told him that he was sending him a young lady to their place. This is a good example of how Moore mentioned that: “It operates in such social phenomena as advertising, culture, looks, and media” (Moore). I was impressed; the assistance that I received was more helpful and quicker. My thoughts about how people do sometimes demonstrate how the looks and different stereotypes will determine how you are going to be treated in

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