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Strategic Plan: Jamba Juice

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Strategic Plan: Jamba Juice


Strategic Plan: Jamba Juice


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Executive Summary

As Jamba Juice heads into the next decade, it will be faced with many challenges. The organization will face challenges such rising fuel cost, the rising cost of food, and a changing demographic that may affect their customer base. The goal of the organization is to continue to grow and open new stores, as well as expand on the customer base. In order to achieve the goals, the company will need to develop an aggressive advertising campaign and adjust they way they do business in order to address external forces affecting them.

The company expects to invest heavily in advertising in order to attract an older demographic, but the cost will only be temporary and eventually offset by changing some store habit. The company intends to rely less on shipments of produce but instead will purchase from local farmers whenever possible. The company will also use frozen goods in lieu of fresh good when prices spike. The overall goal is to become more independent, more socially and ecologically responsible and less reliant on heavy fuel consuming shipments.

Company Background

The company Jamba Juice for the subject of this project is Jamba Juice. Jamba Juice was originally found in 1990 by a recent college graduate named Kirk Perron. The company then incorporated in 1991 under the name Juice Club, Inc in San Francisco, California. In 1993 the company opened it doors in two more cities in California, and two years later changed its name to Jamba Juice. Jamba Juice’s goal was to sell healthy, natural smoothies, which led to them joining forces with Whole Foods Market in 1997. Jamba Juice uses real fruit and 100% fruit juices. All smoothies, except for its "All Fruit Smoothies," contain another ingredient, as per the recipe: sherbet, frozen yogurt, sorbet, plain yogurt, lower-calorie dairy base or soymilk. Over the years Jamba Juice has grown in popularity and now has 707 stores nationwide and boasts over nine thousand employees. Although the company has grown they are still true to their original belief of healthy living, which is probably why the company has shown continued success over the years.

Vision Statement

Jamba Juice envisions itself enriching the daily experience of our customers, our community and ourselves through the life-nourishing qualities of fruits and vegetables. Customers leave our stores feeling better about them self because they know that by choosing Jamba Juice they have chosen a healthy lifestyle.

Mission Statement

Establish Jamba Juice as the world’s leading source of healthy energy in the form of freshly blended beverages with an uncompromising commitment to making a difference through values.

Values Statement

Jamba Juice stands by our products and believe that we are truly helping each and everyone one of our customers live a better life. We believe that the acronym FIBER says it all. The acronym FIBER stands for fun in what you do, integrity in what you say, balance in your life, empowerment in yourself, and being respectful to yourself.

Values Analysis

Values Anticipated Employee Behaviors How it Supports Jamba Juice’s Grand Strategy

Integrity Honesty and respect of customers As Jamba strives to attract older customer an appreciate will be there as they feel the store and workers truly care

Environmental Analysis

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