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AugustineЃfs thoughts and actions have characteristics of a potential church father, that are expressed throughout his first book.

Hall gives an introduction to the Church Fathers and states that there are four key criteriaЃfs that must be met to be considered a father of the church; antiquity, holiness of life, orthodox doctrine and ecclesiastical approval.

According to Hall, holiness of life does not mean perfection, but rather an intense human struggle with the same shortcomings and temptations common to humanity. They exhibit a great desire for God and Scriptures. ЃgThey have much to teach about reverence, awe, self-sacrifice, self-awareness and self deception, worship, respect, prayer, study and meditation.Ѓh (Hall 20)

Holiness of life, is a key feature that Augustine possesses. His opening statement is a strong adoration for god; ЃgYou are great, Lord, and highly to be praised (Chadwick 4).Ѓh Through this ongoing conversation between Augustine and God there is a sense of immense adoration, yet at the same time he expresses guilt, due to his sinful acts (mainly fornication). It seems as if Augustine doesnЃft feel worthy of knowing or having God in his life. His praise to the Lord is immense because to be far from the Lord is to be in the passion of darkness. God is perfect, God is good, and all of his creation should praise and glorify his name.

At the very beginning of the chapter, he states Ѓgto praise you is the desire of man. You stir man to take pleasure in praising you, because you have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you (Chadwick, 3).Ѓh This in AugustineЃfs eyes, is mans desire/goal. We are here to praise God, but it seems impossible to do when we have several temptations all around us.

As a child Augustine had heard of GodЃfs promise of eternal life.

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