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Dear Bill, Dan, Scott and Scot,

We need your help in CAPA TC meeting. We will appreciate if you help. Raise issues below:

Random VTF/Complaint VTF

Numerous situations have arisen where manufacturers have been required to stop production on certified parts because of the current process of Random and Complaint VTFs.

Since the procedures and results of these Random and Complaint VTFs often results in unwarranted availability problems, CAPA should consider establishing a sub committee to discuss alternative approaches.

Two suggestions to consider are:

Complaint VTF:

Now every complaint involves purchasing a complaint part and performing a VTF. This process is time consuming and, because of vehicle variability, sometimes the results of these VTFs are questionable. The net result, is stopped production and interrupted availability of parts which may be perfectly fine.

The most important concern is that the VTF process be improved. Additionally, however, perhaps CAPA could consider using and SPC approach to complaint VTFs. For example, a complaint VTF should be initiated if the complaint ratio is something like 0.27%, which translates into

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