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System Information

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System Information

Crafting your paper around a particular case study has the advantage that it will assist to be specific

and not get lost in a superficial summary of everything that the unit may have touched upon. If you

decide to go down this path, you could choose to select one of (at least) three options. The options

for choosing a case include:

• A real life OHS incident or disaster

• Your current or previous employer

• A greenfield (ie new) project/ organisation for which you have to define OHS guidelines

You cannot use the cases or examples that were discussed in detail the lecture as the subject of your

paper. Also, please be careful with cases based on major disasters: the volume of media material of

such cases can be very large. However, by far the majority of the media reports are superficial,

hyped up, and do not deal skilfully with underlying issues of organisational behaviour. Make sure

you investigate the detail of organisational behaviour, and that may require you to get your hands

on reports from official investigators into the disaster.

It is suggested you use roughly 500-600 words to describe the situation's background.

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