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Team Effectiveness

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Team Effectiveness

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Team Efficiency/ Leadership Style

A team is a group of people working together in a committed way to achieve a common goal or mission. The work is interdependent and we, the team members, share responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for attaining the results.

Good teamwork and effective team-building come down to organisation. Preparation and foresight are vital to team performance: the first stage of any team operation is: objectives, which needs to be clear, measurable and in vision with the company. A team must perform and learn together over time to develop trust and confidence in each other. Teams are more efficient with this kind of project because they can be used to:

Accomplish projects an individual cannot do

Brainstorm More Solution Options - Different people looking at the same problem will find different solutions. A team can review ideas and put together a final solution which incorporates the best individual ideas.

Detect Flaws in Solutions - A team looking at different proposed solutions may also find pitfalls that an individual might miss. The final solution is that much stronger.

Build a Workplace Community - Members of effective teams can form personal bonds which are good for individual and workplace morale.

Effective team members need the following three basic skills:

Analytic and Creative Skills - Team members need to evaluate information and propose creative solutions.

Organization - The team needs to be able to track and complete all its tasks on time.

Communication and Negotiation - Team members need

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