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Telephone Communication Issues

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Telephone Communication Issues

Questionnaire (Specific) on Telephonic Communication

Survey No 2 Dt .


Gender : M / F

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Note : The following questionnaire is based on hypothetical situation , similar type of situation we encounter number of times during our interactions with suppliers. Please answer the below questions putting yourself in the situation


Your boss is unhappy about the inordinate delay in supplies from supplier XYZ. In spite of your best efforts the things are not moving ahead.

As you came out of meeting, Mr. X from XYZ Corporation called. As you are not in a good mood…

1 Will you answer the call of Mr. X?

a) Before the third ring

b) After 5 rings

c) Will not attend the call

d) tell some one to take up the call for you

2. You will straightway get to the point of discussion without exchanging customary greetings?

a) Yes

b) No, will greet the caller and the discuss

c) Yes, Customary greeting are as good as loosing valuable time when you are in crunch situation

d) No, as I want to maintain long term personal relationship with other fellow

3. Will you interrupt Mr. X when he is presenting his point of view regarding the problem in hand?

a) I will �make’ him listen to me first

b) Will listen to him and then respond

c) As a client I am the one who will call the shorts so , Yes

d) It does not matter

4. Do you think that speaking loudly/shouting during heated discussions hamper the communication between the two parties?

a) Yes

b) No, it’s a good way to press your point with authority

c) At times it’s a good strategy and should be followed judicially

d) No matter what ,It not a good way to move ahead

5 If during the conversation there is heated altercation between you and Mr. X, Will you?

a) Disconnect

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