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The Company

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The Company

qweFor the year ended 31 December 2010, the Company and its subsidiaries reported a turnover of HK$1,879,745,000

(2009: HK$1,361,045,000), representing an increase of approximately 38.11%. Profit attributable to shareholders was

HK$292,478,000, representing a decrease of approximately 25.76% when compared with that of HK$393,940,000 in

last year. The decrease in profit was primarily due to the fact that the extent of increase in the fair value of the

investment properties held by the subsidiaries of the Company was lower than that of the same period last year. Hitech

manufacturing business recovered from the financial tsunami at a rate which was better than anticipated.

The Board of Directors recommends the payment of a final dividend of HK1 cent per share as a return to the



In 2010, the Company attained promising performance in its main business operations. The key development projects

were in smooth progress. In addition to the steady development of the hi-tech manufacturing business, the projects

of both Shenzhen Aerospace Science & Technology Plaza and the Complex Zone of the Launching Site in Hainan

Province had been proceeded to construction stage.

On 4 February 2010, the Company successfully placed a total of 514,118,000 shares to institutional investors by way

of placing and subscription at a price of HK$1.13 per share, raising total proceeds of approximately HK$580,953,000.

Hi-Tech Manufacturing

Benefited from a favorable recovery of the global economy, pivoting on timely reinforcement of internal management

and market exploration, as well as the mitigation of adverse factors such as the rise in labor and material costs and

the appreciation of Renminbi, the Company's business in the arena of the hi-tech manufacturing business reported

favorable operating results. In 2010, the hi-tech manufacturing business reached a historical high in terms of both

revenue and earnings. The business recorded a turnover of HK$1,878,521,000 (2009: HK$1,360,932,000), representing

an increase of approximately 38.03% compared with last year. Profit amounted to HK$215,831,000, which was a

growth of approximately 36.97% when compared with HK$157,579,000 in last year.

Shenzhen Aerospace Science & Technology Plaza

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