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The Old Ball and Chain

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The Old Ball and Chain

While prison and marriage may seem to be different, they also have a lot of similarities. A ball and chain comes along with both I’m sorry to say.

Prison and marriage are more similar than most people think. For example, they both cab be considered institutions. Naturally one is more excessively crowded than the other. Again, marriage is considered an institution, so to speak, because it is an establishment of two people who normally have things in common. Prison is just a place they institute the people that can’t mix with society for one reason or another.

Both of these have become a custom in the United States. Obviously marriage is where two people want to share the rest of their lives together, and hopefully stay happy. Simultaneously, prisons are growing at an alarmingly quick rate and it seems more and more people are spending their lives in there.

In some cases, everyone is happy about the perfect ending to the story. For a blissful wedding day, Aunt Iris can be counted on for crying loudly and saying how beautiful the bride looks. The mother of the groom is extremely happy that someone has actually picked her son and thinks he is absolutely perfect; thinking that someone else will be doing his laundry now.

In addition to be similar, it usually takes more than one person to make an event. A Martha Stewart wedding wouldn’t be complete without having over two hundred people invited and shoved in a small church. I would venture to say it’s probably like that in prison; six people sharing a toilet, and sink in a six by six room. Yes, I would think they were very alike.

On the other hand, there are probably just as many differences with these two unions. One can make you very ecstatic, crying for joy and dancing with enthusiasm, whereas the other would make someone feel devastated, also crying, but not for joy. If there’s any dancing going on with that situation, let’s just say it’s not from exuberance.

Another difference between the two would be that married couples are able

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