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The Red Sox

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The Red Sox

Some minds believe the Boston Red Sox are considered one of the best baseball teams. With players like David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Josh Beckett, and Curt Schilling on the roster they should make the playoffs year after year. Also with such a great manager in Terry Francona on the bench making wonderful calls and adding such great players to one of the biggest powerhouse offenses.

In many eyes the New York Yankees are the greatest baseball teams. With that being said by people the Red Sox vs. Yankees is one of the biggest rivalries ever in the MLB. The Red Sox have also have many other rivals the Baltimore Orioles a division rival, the Atlanta Braves an inter league rival. In these rivalries the Red Sox lead two of them over the span of the entire playing time. The only one the Red Sox don't lead is the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry because of a five game sweep back in August.

So far this year the Red Sox are second in the AL East eleven and a half behind the Yankees for first place. Their currently seven and a half games out of first in the wild card race behind the Twins, White Sox, and Angles. The Red Sox record this year is so far seventy-eight and sixty-eight not the best season for the team. One reason for such a downfall year is from injuries. One being form one of their consistent knuckle ball pitchers Tim Wakefield. Another one being form Jason Varitek tearing a ligament in his knee drying to turn a single in to a double. The most recent injury is David Ortiz with an irregular heartbeat, making him miss for of five games against division teams. Finally the last injury being from Manny Ramirez with a bad knee making him miss thirteen of Boston's last twenty games.

The Red Sox don't have many world series titles they have six total that they won in the early 1900's. The most recent world series victory for Boston came in 2004, which was their comeback year. Coming back from a 3-0 deficit to the Yankees in the ALCS beating them in four straight games to go to their first

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