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The Shadow of My Thoughts

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The Shadow of My Thoughts

To Whom I Present this book


Can the heart bear more than one love? Can the chest have more than one heart? Does the body have more than one soul? We always ask ourselves such questions and whenever we get close to the answers we wish it would remain impenetrable mysteries so we could always keep on searching for it; or maybe it is answers seeking questions. What's greater than people seeking answers within themselves! What's more beautiful than the feeling of our heartbeats when we are in love! It's also beautiful when the soul is set free to guiding our mind and thus totally controlling it.

As soon as I finished writing the final words of this book, I started thinking about to whom I shall present it. Just then I realized that the heart can bear more than one love, or maybe it is one love which includes more than one person, and each one has his own special place in it. I also realized that the chest can fit more than one heart as long as they all beat in harmony. I also realized that the body can have more than one life other than that given to it by our spirit.

The confusion of the wise people seems amazing before they reach their answers which would comfort their hearts.

"No matter how much one talks about a certain subject, they can never talk enough."

Anyway! Here I commence from where I stopped.

To My mother! Your heart embraced us with its love and warmth. All your life you treated us with affection and care. Without Allah and you, I wouldn't have existed and I wouldn't have reached where I am now. I am sure if I only presented the book to you alone, you won't be completely happy and you would be disappointed in me. "It's not the Wajih I know." I can

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