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The Socio-Political Factors of 9/11: Motivations and Responses

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The Socio-Political Factors of 9/11: Motivations and Responses

As a nation America has seen its fair share of conflicts and wars just in the last century. Our nation has seen both World Wars and various other conflicts that still to this day are claiming lives. During the hard times of war many people have found faith and turn to religion to provide hope and comfort. While America was at peace before September 11, 2001 a devastating and cowardly plan was being hatched in Afghanistan in terrorist training camps. People who were declaring JIHAD (a holy war) against the west civilizations and anyone who supported them.

While us as a western civilization felt safe from any kind of terrorist attacks that we would only see on the televisions that took place in Middle Eastern or European countries. Attacks that would kill thousands of innocent civilians, while not all attacks were based upon a religious reason. Religion has caused more blood to be spilled on the battle field and innocent people to be killed then any other reason.

In the 80’s the United States helped Al Qaeda by supplying them with weapons and supplies to help fight against our enemies at that time the Russians. The Russian eventually pulled out of Afghanistan leaving most of their weapons, machines, and supplies behind. While unbeknownst to us as Americans we had just equipped and trained our future enemy. In the years to come we would see attacks and threats against us and our allies. While we did have chances to cut the head off of the Al Qaeda network we as Americans failed to take advantage of the situation.

September 11, 2001 America, caught off guard, attacked, and for a moment brought to our knees. As we watched thousands of innocent people die in front of our eyes on television or if you happen to be in New York by the World trade towers you saw it all unravel in front of your eyes. The beginning to a War that will possibly last into your grandchildren’s years. This war has been raging for years but brought to the surface the morning of September 11. The American public is made aware that a holy war has been declared against and anyone who is going to stand against Al Qaeda.

According to the Pew Forum survey taking before and after September 11, attendance at church or religious gathering were always the same before September 11. The day of and the week following the attack number double if not tripled some places only

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