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The Theatre Production I Decided to Attend Was Suzan-Lori Parks Topdog/underdog

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The Theatre Production I Decided to Attend Was Suzan-Lori Parks Topdog/underdog

The theatre production I decided to attend was Suzan-Lori Parks Topdog/Underdog.

This was the first play or theatre performance that I have attended. I was unsure of what to expect, but I heard great things about this play. Furthermore, the first aspect of this production that caught my attention was the design of the set. The design gave the feeling of a run down urban neighborhood by making the outer parts of the stage look like an old brick building. The building looked like one you would find in a low-income area or projects. The scenery of the play set the stage for what type of production this would be. I especially liked the way they carefully chose not to place just any kind of props on the stage. The dusty floor, old couch, and the mattress for a bed made the apartment look worn and rundown. This play showed some very realistic designs for the time period and life of some low-income individuals struggling to make a living or hustle. This is especially true when Lincoln pointed out that Booth had no running water and he felt that he was in a third world country. I was impressed by how they were able to make the apartment appear so old and the items in it seem battered. I really thought I was peeking into a real bedroom not just a set. Also, the way the set was designed it makes sure that the individual watching the play is focused on the stage and the characters. There is not a point in the play where my eyes left the stage or the actors.

Another design element that played an important part in this production was the lighting. The Lighting crew put an old light fixture in the middle of the room of the set. One light worked and there was one blown out. This gave the audience an even better idea of the characters and their life. The one working light bulb showed the economic stature of the two brothers. Also, there were breaks in the scenes where the lights would go out for the characters to leave the stage and get prepared. These breaks were similar to the commercials that occur on television. They give us time to allow the scenes to sink into our thoughts. As the lights would come back on we were made aware of the day and what time of day it was. Letters would be lit up on the door of the apartment. Another great aspect of the lighting was when Lincoln was practicing with the cards and they put a spotlight on him as he was talking. It focused on how he was reminiscing on his life as a three-card scam dealer on the streets.

Moreover, the lighting only capitalized on the acting that occurred in this production. The opening scene with Booth set up the story line. I was really surprised when Booth came out opening the play with a monologue. He practices his enticing three-card scam while attempting to shift his cards quicker than the eye. His continuous line, "Who see the red card, the red cards the winner," is repeated and shapes the rest of the play. Those same lines though are eventually picked up by his big brother Lincoln, and come to mean more than the cards on the table. The hard life that the brothers had to endure was reflected well through the acting. At times they would reflect on their parents and their infidelities and inability to be good parental figures. The acting in this play portrayed a realistic life and at times I thought I was watching a television set. The actors kept me focused with their words and how they would seem like they were trying to involve the audience when they were practicing the three-card scam. The only times during the play that I was uncomfortable was when the actors would use profane language. I was not really expecting to hear any or even as much as

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