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Those Days Are Over

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Those Days Are Over

Within the realm of 90's cinema was another chance to show how independent films worked on a whole other secuilar level , how far could fimmakers get away with there study of the human condition and the effects and after effects of modern culture . The under priviledge in the old kitchen sink dramas of the 50's showed working class hero archetypes ..People mad , angry but learning to cope with the daily humdrum banality of that one risk ...To live day to day and keep going . During the 1980's under Marget Thatchers order in britain seemed to create a void within working class struggle , a void that no one person could escape from in a spirtual sense ..People were wiped out of the picture in a whole fashion , living on the dole qeue , trying to press onwards into countless battles in daily life . The desire of learing the vanicular of words , and to use them into despair and too attack when everything seems to have failed elsewhere . Mike leigh's 1993 film "Naked" explores the literally stripped down and naked version of what happens when you enter that void of despair and poverty , you can only hide behind your insecurties and your worn out clothes ...But nothing is sacred within true bitterness and contempt within a crowd of successful people , and your mind seems to only work itself out through faded photographs and lost dreams . The film centers on Johnny ( played effortlessly by david thewils) whos gone beyond being stuck between a rock and a hardplace ...He's found comfort and hatred in being immobilzied by the very things he hates which is merely everything . Hes an intellectual with a profound sense of humor , wit and irony ....His downfall is his philosophy which follows the end of the world happening in 1999 ...How many books has he read to come to this conclusion ...Hundreds ...His bitterness , his nihilistic attempts to convey he has the upper hand in every situation , his depraved acts of sexual trust , then sadistic abuse ...Shows a man on the very fringe of society that once

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