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Today’s American Dream

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Today’s American Dream

In today's world I believe the American dream has drastically changed from

before. It used to be about finding prosperity and having a family but now it's only about

enjoying life's guilty pleasures and slanders. The American dream contains the elements

family, owning your own home, having a car, having a good job, freedom, respect, and

money. I will now rank each element of the American dream to today's everyday life.

Out of the list I would rank money the highest part of the American dream.

Money is first because in our life today the everything revolves around money. We all

know the first rule to fun, anything fun cost at least eight dollars. But seriously to have

success in life you need money and to get money you must have it. it might not make

sense but think about it a little bit.

My number two rank would be respect. Respect is key to glory by today's

standards. People look at you and if they don see items that mean you have high respect,

they either ignore you or look down upon you. Our twisted world works that

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