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Two Main Theories of How to Reward

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Two Main Theories of How to Reward

Discuss two main theories of how to reward. Which is the best theory and why?

The two main theories of how to reward are retributivist and utilitarian. Retributivist is the theory of that they ought to be rewarded for what they have done and rewarding people for their efforts. They are not concerned with rewarding people with incentives to do more work and better or the consequences it may have in the future.

The other theory is utilitarian which is concerned more with good consequences for everyone. They are interested in the future results of rewarding then just responding to the past efforts. They believe in rewarding workers who have the intelligence and/or the education and who produces more and better results regardless of the effort.

I like the idea of the utilitarian because of how they reward. It makes sense to be rewarded for your education because education is not free and it takes a lot of hard work and hours to get through it. So I feel it is only fair to be paid for that. I also believe that if you can find a way to produce a great amount and get better results than that should not go unnoticed either. I know when I was a manager, I paid attention to how hard someone work, how dedicated they were on the job and how they handled situations and followed rules. It made it much easier to finds ways to reward such as a pay raise or a gift certificate or I even treated them to lunches to show my appreciation.

In what situations is it okay to lie, cheat, steal, or break a promise? Which theories do your thoughts on the subject best match up with?

If we were living in the perfect world then there would be no reason to lie, cheat, steal or do anything that is not ethical or morally wrong. Since this is not the perfect world we have to be aware that not all people react the same way to certain situation such as stress, low self esteem or no confidence in one self.

Lies of commission or omission could be necessary in some instances and I really don't seem them as lies as much as just not saying anything and everything that jumps to my

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