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Unknown Lab Report Grading Guidelines

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Unknown Lab Report Grading Guidelines

Cover Page (5 points)

____Your name and lab section (2 pts)

____Unknown # and genus and species of unknown correctly spelled and italicized (3 pts)

Gram Stain (20 points)

____Correctly stained smear with individual organisms demonstrated using 100x objective (5 pts)

____Description of what you see in words including Gram stain reaction, cellular shape

and arrangement (5 pts)

____Indicate the type of microscope and total magnification used (5 pts)

____Draw a picture (colored and labeled) of the stain results (5 pts)

Primary Media and Streak Plates (15 pts)

____Isolated colonies on the streak plate (5 pts)

____Written description of isolated colonies on the streak plate (5 pts)

____Discussion of growth on TSA or SBA plate after the initial isolation (5 pts)*

*This will differ for each person – may include hemolytic pattern, level of growth at different temperatures or aerobic vs. anaerobic growth

Biochemical Tests (Use a table format) (20 pts)

____Must include KOH, catalase, oxidase and ALL other tests carried out (5 pts)

____Correctly identify the reagents and/or media used in every test (5 pts)

____Correctly identify the enzyme and/or end products the test is looking for

____Correctly identify and interpret the reaction observed (color change, etc)

Dichotomous Key

____Correctly list the five

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