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Us History

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Us History

During the 20th century the United States of America emerged as the world’s greatest leading super power. This development is due in part to the success of the United States military. They have risk their lives on numerous occasions to support and protect the beliefs of fellow Americans. Some of their most important battles of the 20th century they encountered are the reasons we are still up and running candidates for the job.

The Battle of Iwo Jima was on of the bloodiest and most significant battles of World War 2. Iwo Jima was located on Japanese soil, about 650 miles away from Tokyo. The U.S. and Japan both wanted this island. Iwo Jima was important to the U.S. because it was halfway between the American and Japanese bomber bases in the Marianas. The island was home to three airfields that were in perfect locations for a fighter-escort station. It was also a good location for injured planes to land.

The strategy taken by the Japanese was very unique in three ways. The first is that the Japanese didn’t fight above ground the fought the battle from under the Americans. 1,500 rooms were carved into the rock; 16 miles of tunnel connected them. They also called for “no Japanese survivors.” They planned on being killed. The last unique thing about their strategy was that every Japanese soldier was expected to get 10 American kills before they were killed.

During the air invasion on Iwo Jima put on by the American air forces the pilots put together the longest offensive aerial attack of the war. The Japanese

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