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Use Personal Hygiene to Your Advantage

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Use Personal Hygiene to Your Advantage

Corporations aren’t the only people who should have “Dress for Success” as their motto these days. Everyone wants to be attractive, and personal hygiene is a huge factor in how people perceive you. Simple things, that you never think about- like your nails, are what a lot of people do notice. Your chances of making a good impression are doubled when following the three necessary steps concerning personal hygiene.

Initially, the most important issues are bathing and grooming. For example, you could soak in a bath for a minimum twenty minutes to a half an hour. That way you can thoroughly clean your hair and scalp, in addition to shaving and scrubbing the rest of your body. At the very least, jump into a five minute shower and wash areas prone to smelling. Personally, I like to take a bath and then shower to get everything off. Another very easy thing to do is to simply apply deodorant. That way you’ll be confident that you smell as fresh and clean as you are. Furthermore, you should clean, clip and file your nails so that they are fit to be seen.

Meanwhile, how many times has someone leaned over to whisper to you, and you feel as if your nostrils have been hit with the plague? Sadly enough that smell is most likely, Halitosis at its finest! Please realize that simple things like flossing and brushing could severely affect the way your breath smells. Moreover, it will affect the general health of your teeth and gums. Specifically, you should brush for a minimum of two minutes focusing on your teeth, gum line and then tongue. Seriously, how hard is it to wave a toothbrush, with toothpaste, around in a germ ridden

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