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What is пїЅUtopiaпїЅ? What does this word mean to you? What would be your пїЅUtopiaпїЅ? Think about this while it is being read to you or while you read it and hopefully by the time the you get to the end you to will know what it means to you; and what your utopia would be like. By definition from a dictionary пїЅUtopiaпїЅ means, an ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects. Utopia is your perfect world or society. It is a world of your choice, a world that meets every single expectation you have of life. A utopia in my mind would be a world where all people great and small, all shapes and colors, and all creatures are treated as one or as equals. It would be a world without discrimination and racism. My utopia would never have to worry about pollution or chemical weapons. People could believe in whatever god they wish but they would not kill others just because they did not believe in their god. Artist and utopia; is there any connection or resemblance in either?

Is art not an artistпїЅs utopia? Think about it. IsnпїЅt utopia whatever world, society, or maybe space you want it to be? So for artist a sculpture garden could be their utopia

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