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Value Chain

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Value Chain

Describe the changes in the firm’s value chain before and after June 2005. (4 & 5)

Before June 2005

Primary activities

Inbound Logistics - couldn’t see the importance of what clients need and getting their ideas;

- no web-based technology to help clients to utilize.

Operations - outdated technology do not provide relevant client data such as real-time

stock quotes and transaction histories to clients without using appropriate


Sales and

Marketing - unawareness of how much the Retail Brokerage division is important:

even though it is the important division that encompasses all the essential

factors for sales such as comprehensive brokerage, investment and financial services, it wasn’t supported but rather disregarded.

Service - divisions not integrated: no support for employees;

- no proper maintenance of computerized systems so brokers were unable to

rely on the IT to help maintain client portfolios.

Outbound Logistics - not user friendly tax program which confused customers to use;

- outdated website couldn’t perform good enough to deliver customers’

portfolios and any relevant information that they want to retrieve.

Support Human resources - unable to figure out problems that disrespected and disregarded employees

were facing, and it caused big losses of highly talented employees.

Organisation infrastructure - after the merger political and cultural differences were causing major


Technology - investment in technology improvements was low priority.

After June 2005

Primary activities

Inbound Logistics - scheduled to upgrade the firm’s website so that not only could its wealthiest

clients manage their ideas and portfolios, but small investors could also do

the same and get the attention of brokers as well

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