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Vanishing Markers

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Vanishing Markers

in All grown up and No Place To Go. David Elkind asserts that we no longer have any ways and means in our society to truly separate, delineate and distinguish childhood from adolescence and adolescence from adulthood. elkind insists that developmental "markers" have Vanished"

#1) Explain his theory of developmental markers and define and describe each of the five categories of developmental markers than apply two of developmental markers to your own theory upbringing and or/to someone else's upbringing with whom you are familiar. explain and describe how and why those markers vanished or were maintain and upheld by parents/primary caretakers.

#2) Utilizing Elkind's terms and concepts: self-consciousness, imaginary audience, emotional lighting rod, personal fable, critical and hypothetical thinking, argumentative, idealism/idealization from 'All grown Up and No Place to Go: thinking in A New Key" section discuss how and why the adolesent mind/cognition is significantly different from that if childhood.

#3 What are the central

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