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Victorian Morality

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Victorian Morality

During the time of the Victorian Era, etiquette was considered status. Etiquette ranged from how cut fruit to how to walk. Morals were very strict in those days. If you didn’t follow them then you were considered an outcast.

Since young age, ladies were trained to live their lives as home girls and soon to be home ladies. Once they were married, it was expected for them to stay home, cook meals, and take care of their children. And if a young lady doesn’t end up getting married, than she is expected to live the

rest of her life committing to only charity. (W. Cunnings)

Some things that were expected from gentlemen were, things like a gentleman may take two ladies upon his arms, but under no circumstances should the lady take the arms of two gentlemen. And no gentleman can smoke when walking with or standing in the presence of a lady standing in the street. So ladies aren’t the only ones with strict rules. (Proper Etiquette)

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