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Walmart Strategic Analysis

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Walmart Strategic Analysis

Everyone can make a difference when dealing with this climate crisis. Every little bit of support and action helps. As a whole, world community needs to stop and realize that this issue is real and must be dealt with immediately or our environment will be destroyed. Everyday the environment is affected by our actions and we can do something to slow down the rate this climate crisis. Saving energy at home, getting around less or using energy efficient transportation such as public transportation both will help deal with this global warming issue. Consuming less, and conserving more while creating awareness through education, voting, and taking personal action will also aid in dealing with these critical issues. These are simple changes in personal behavior that can save our world and home.

Saving energy at home is a simple and efficient way to aid dealing with these detrimental climate issues. For example, every day and night lights are used. Lighting accounts for one-fifth of the electricity consumed in the United States. Choosing energy efficient lighting will not only reduce energy, but also reduce energy costs as well as greenhouse emissions. Energy efficient lighting includes replacing the normal incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights called CFLs. They fit into most regular household fixtures and give off the same warm light. Ten percent of the energy that is consumed through conventional incandescent light bulbs generates illumination. The other ninety percent is lost in the form of heat. CFL light bulbs last ten times longer than incandescent light bulbs and use 66 percent less energy (Willis, 76). Switching light bulbs are just one way to help in decreasing green house emissions. There are many other simple ways to help reduce energy. These include energy efficient appliances, home insulation, getting a home energy audit, and switching to green power. Green power includes using sun, wind and the heat of the earth in order to power your homes, cars, etc.

Getting around less or using more efficient modes of transportation will help indefinitely in decreasing the amount of CO2 gas emissions. Simply not driving would be a great way to reduce emissions, but it is obvious that this is not possible. Although this is true we can definitely reduce the amount of driving done. Avoiding twenty miles of driving per week would eliminate 1,000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year (Willis, 134). That is an extreme amount. Reducing the number amount of miles driven can simply be done by walking, biking, car-pooling, or taking mass transit. For example, is a website that helps people coordinate their travels with other commuters. Along with reducing miles driven using alternative fuels and buying more fuel efficient cars such as hybrids can help reduce gas emissions. Once again these are simple and easy changes and behaviors that can save our environment. Consuming less and conserving more can also reduce gas emissions.

“In America, we have grown used to an environment of plenty, with an enormous variety of consumer products always available and constant enticement to by “more,” “new,” and “improved (Gore, 314).”” Simply buying less or buying things that last will reduce the amount of gases because it will reduce the amount of manufacturing and transportation of these products that would result in more emissions. Recycling, conserving paper, and composting our organic waste will also help. For example, when

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