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Was Racism Intended in the Play Othello?

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Was Racism Intended in the Play Othello?

Question: Was racism intended in the play Othello?

Some critics believe that there is an issue of race in the play Othello. This issue of race is against the main character in the play, Othello, a brave lieutenant. For example, at the end of Act 1 Scene 3 during Iago’s soliloquy, he specifically said: “I hate the Moor”. A “Moor” indicates a black person from an ethnic group in Italy. Iago didn’t call Othello by his name or rank but by his race. By saying he “hates the Moor” it also means he hates the whole race, not only Othello. They think that it’s crucial in the play that the audience notice Iago is racist because may be, just may be this is the main reason why Iago dislike Othello so much.

On the other hand, other critics may not agree with above argument. They think the fact that Iago called Othello a “Moor” is not important because the other characters in the play called Othello a “Moor” as well. For instance, in Act 1 Scene 1 during Roderigo and Barbantio

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