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"green" Technology

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"green" Technology

"Green" technology - it is not only trendy and always a hot topic of conversation. Today using of technologies that help conserve resources and produce their own energy is becoming a necessity. Bills for water, gas, electricity grow every year and worn out communications only increase the costs. In this situation, a competent use and operation of "green" technologies may be the optimal solution looming energy crisis.

Today in many houses already has applied certain types of "green" technologies. The most popular among them are:

  • Renewable energy sources, the main ones are wind turbines and solar panels;
  • Saving system electricity consumption (point lighting of room, glass facades, as well as motion sensors to turn the light). In addition, scientists have developed special energy-efficient appliances that consume much less energy than those used by the vast majority of consumers.

But are all of those technologies are such good and “green” as everybody thinks?

Ecologists from the University of Tennessee stated that the solar panels harm to the environment.

In the production of solar panels used up to 80% of the global total lead which is dangerous for nature and human health.

The largest volumes of lead pollution observed in China and India - more than 2.4 million tons.

Associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Tennessee Chris Cherry considers that the company engaged in the production of solar cells must take control of the spread of lead in the environment.

Earlier, British environmentalists objected to the use of wind turbines. They believe that the work of wind turbines in the UK is inefficient and harms the environment.

National Grid Group has carried out monitoring of wind turbines on request for John Muir`s environmental funds. The results showed that the power use of wind plants is only 20% of capacity, and sometimes 10% or completely inactive. At the same time they kill birds, bats and not decorate traditional English landscapes: "The province is exposed to forced industrialization by introducing technology that does not work."

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