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“i Am Sam”

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“i Am Sam”

: “I AM SAM”

“I am Sam” is a touching story of a man, Sam Dawson, with intellectual disability and his daughter named Lucy. He struggles to prove that despite of his mental capacity he is not different when it comes in raising his daughter like any parent can do and was able to provide a loving and caring environment to her. However, for me, the real focus of film is the bond between father and daughter as Sam attempts to prove himself as a responsible adult who is capable of raising a child.

A situation happened wherein his daughter was taken away from him and loses custody due to accusations of parental inadequacy. There have been significant social concerns about the parenting abilities of individuals with mental retardation and for the well being of the children. Some people think of his difficulties in supporting his child. He fights to win her back with the help of his friend to prove that he should have custody for his daughter. This shows what a mentally challenge person truly feels and no

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