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Last update: July 17, 2014
  • Johnny Tremain

    Johnny Tremain

    Johnny Tremain, a 1943 children's novel by Esther Forbes, retells in narrative form the final years in Boston, Massachusetts, prior to the outbreak of the American Revolution. The novel's themes include the apprenticeship system, the conflicts in Boston between the Sons of Liberty and Loyalists as the war approaches, and the reasons why each character in the novel chooses one side or the other. Events that were described in the novel include the Boston Massacre,

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  • Johnny Cocharan

    Johnny Cocharan

    Johnnie Cochran was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1937. He received his bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of California at Los Angeles. Mr. Cochran graduated from the Loyola University School of Law in 1962. In 1963, he began his legal career in Los Angeles, California as a Deputy City Attorney for the city's criminal division. He remained in that position for three years before co-founding Cochran, Atkins and Evans. The firm practiced

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  • Johnny Duncan

    Johnny Duncan

    In the summer of 1957, the Tennessee singer Johnny Duncan, who has died of cancer in Australia aged 67, achieved a one-off hit, Last Train To San Fernando. It epitomised the spirit of the British skiffle boom, remained in the top 20 for weeks and featured an irritating, compulsive catchline that reverberated down the rest of the century. Duncan had not wanted to record the song - he was a hillbilly country singer with one

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  • Johnny Carson

    Johnny Carson

    Johnny Carson is considered to be one of the greatest and most popular people that contributed tremendously to the broadcasting industry. As a comedian, he is unquestionably a master. His name is associated with one of the most influential performers in the history of television. He has distilled the influences of Jack Benny, Jackie Gleason, Steve Allen, Jonathan Winters and Fred Allen into a style, which is perfectly calibrated to the scale of the video

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  • Johnny Rockets Enter Belgium

    Johnny Rockets Enter Belgium

    Johnny Rocket’s invades Belgium! Restaurants continue to play a significant role in the Belgian franchise market, and their presence is increasing rapidly, with the fast food franchising market growing at an annual rate of approximately 12%. American fast-food franchising concepts, such as standardized restaurant chains that offer a limited but popular range of dishes served in packaging for on-the-spot consumption has been widely adopted. We plan to bring Johnny Rocket’s to Belgium with a twist

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  • Johnny Cash

    Johnny Cash

    Johnny Cash seems to be caught up in his music so he turned to cocaine to give it sort of a twist and for something else to occupy his time. From the lyrics "Cocaine Blues" Johnny Cash seems to always wear the color black and seems to get in trouble for drugs and what they caused him to do as far as shooting his woman down. From the lyrics I would say Johnny Cash

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  • Mr. Johnny Cash

    Mr. Johnny Cash

    Johnny cash, the man in black is a country legand, him and the Tennessee two, made a name for themselves in the mid 50's. There orignal songs where gospil, but when trying to get a record deal was turned down for the gospil ,but then played a song Johnny cash wrote. The first hit was "Cry,Cry,Cry", other hits were " i walk the line","folsom Prison blues" , and others such as " man in

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  • Johnnie Jordan

    Johnnie Jordan

    Upon completing What Happened to Johnnie Jordan?: the Story of a Child Turning Violent, I was struck with a feeling of frustration and agitation toward our current juvenile system. Johnnie was continually let down by his family, Children Services, foster care, and the juvenile justice system. He repeatedly displayed behaviors of a child in desperate need of help and he did not receive it. Although I believe that Johnnie should have been punished for his

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  • Why the Late Great Johnny Cash Is Better Than Nine Inch Nails

    Why the Late Great Johnny Cash Is Better Than Nine Inch Nails

    Why the late great Johnny Cash is better than Nine Inch Nails: Johnny Cash walked the line for nearly 50 years, every inch of his journey through the country, gospel, folk and rock worlds etched into his face. He is a character of truly biblical proportions, with a voice, all wailing freight trains and thundering prairies, like the landscape of his beloved America. He has a soul as big as a continent, full of righteous

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  • Johnny Damon

    Johnny Damon

    Johnny Damon Hi, my name is Johnny Damon of the baseball team the Boston Red Sox. I wrote my biography Idiot with some help from Peter Golenbock. I wanted to write this book to tell everyone how it feels to be a top athlete in Major League Baseball. As most of you Red Sox fans no we broke “The Curse” in 2004 by beating the Cardinals in the World Series. This book is about beating

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  • Johnnie Cochran: His Life, His Legacy, His Death

    Johnnie Cochran: His Life, His Legacy, His Death

    Johnnie Cochran: His Life, His Legacy, His Death Johnnie Cochran to everyone was known as the lawyer for representing the “No J’s”. He was a good Christian lawyer. He was a loving, heartful human being (, Simpson on the death of a friend). He was dignified in his line of work, took precaution in solving his cases with slick phrases that caught the jury to see the truth. Through his many years of public

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  • Johnny Cash

    Johnny Cash

    Johnny Cash Quite possibly one of the most recognizable voices in music belongs to Johnny Cash. His music spanned into the genera’s of country, folk, rock and even gospel music, this shows that J.R. Cash was one of the most fascinating performers in popular music. In addition to being one of the most popular artists of all time, he also gained respect as an author and actor. Born Feb. 26, 1932, in Kingsland, Arkansas. J.R.

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  • Johnny Got His Gun

    Johnny Got His Gun

    Johnny Got His Gun is by Dalton Trumbo. The main character is Joe Bonham. He went to war in the 1917. While there he got his arms, legs, and face blown up; he was a "living piece of meat". The doctors thought that there was no feeling, no thought in his body. However, they were wrong, but they let him live with no sense of time and not being able to see, hear, speak, smell,

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  • Rose-Johnny


    In the story Rose-Johnny, we can see that there are different type of perspectives and altitudes towards one another amongst the town of Walnut Knobs. Walnut Knobs is rural southern town which in fact was filled with hatred and prejudice especially in the story setting, the nineteen fifties. The townspeople clearly did not appreciate weird different woman like Rose-Johnny that worked at Walls Feed store. Rumors of Rose-Johnny were heavy circulated amongst the townspeople. Although

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  • Johnny Got His Gun

    Johnny Got His Gun

    Johnny Got His Gun Johnny Got His Gun is a striking literary work about a young man, Joe Bonham, and his internal struggles following a devastating war injury. He lost his arms, legs, and face. Dalton Trumbo, the author Johnny Got His Gun, allows the reader to know Bonham's thoughts, but nothing more. The reader follows Joe's progression toward and away from insanity, and between hope and despair. Trumbo shows this progression through the use

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  • Johnny Little

    Johnny Little

    Everyone in the world has the need to be wanted. In “Saying Something in African” Emiene Shija Wright tells her history of that quest to fulfill the feeling of acceptance. In American culture, Wright is constantly put down and looked upon as an uncivilized African Girl. From the 1970’s to the 1980’s Wright and her mother struggled to make ends meet. As a child, Wright fought the hardships of stereotypical children and their childish demands

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  • Johnny Got His Gun

    Johnny Got His Gun

    dignity because he could no longer interact with other humans. It was the author’s idea of the worst case scenario that could have occurred to a soldier who was injured. The description of his injuries gave the reader a picture of what it would be like to have lived with no legs, arms, or a face. It was a gruesome thought that helped personalize the story by making the reader feel bad for the main

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  • Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp

    In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Johnny is able to become Willy Wonka with little help. Freddie Highmore, who played Charlie, was Interview, and said that it was amazing to watch Johnny Depp. Even when they weren't filming he was still in his character and stayed focus threw out the day. Watching movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Edward Scissorhands, and then seeing films such as Finding Neverland and Chocolat proves that

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  • Johnny Depp & Gene Wilder in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

    Johnny Depp & Gene Wilder in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

    Johnny Depp and Gene Wilder both played Willy Wonka in film adaptations of the Rahl Dahl book Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Each went above and beyond to truly encompass Wonka, and bring him to life in different but equally unforgettable ways. Wilder gives his audience a Wonka who is a master of his trade, a man whom is quite aware of his strength and maturity as a candy maker. Wilder’s humor is found in

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  • Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp

    Johnny Deep was born in Kentucky, on June 9, 1963. He was raised in Florida. He dropped out of school at age 15. Johnny Depp is perhaps one of the most versatile actors of his day and age in Hollywood. He's one of the best leading men in my opinion. Deep has won may award for his acting. From 1995 to 2007 he's been nominated for many different awards. In 2004 he Academy Award for

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