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Afa 3104 - Does a Colorblind Society Create a Better America?

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Alesias Richadson

Dr. Cohen

AFA 3104

13 March 2016

                                   Does a Colorblind Society Create a Better America?

First let’s define the term Colorblind. Colorblind basically means for what we are using it for is not influenced by racial pre-justice. I do believe that a colorblind society will be great for America, but I do not want to forget the color of my skin and all the hardships that my ancestors went through and made me the person today.  I believe that we should forget about all the stereotypes but never forget our history. My history will always be a part of who I am, because I see it every time I look in a mirror. I am a dark-skinned woman and I will never see myself as nothing different. It’s a part of who I am just like my culture.

I do believe that a colorblind society will be great for America. People will not be discriminated for their skin, religion, or different views. We will be judged by our character instead. People still tend to think of different stereotypes when they see different races other than white. That’s not a good thing to do but people still tend to do that anyway. I am guilty of judging people by their skin color when I was younger, but I didn’t know any better. It was just the environment that I was in that altered my way of thinking.

People also need to be given a chance because, some companies will even turn down your job application if your name is too “ethnic” for them. I believe this totally wrong. We do not have control over our names until we are 18 then we can do the name change. But if people feel comfortable with their name then they should be able to keep it and it should be allowed in the work place. America is all about opportunity. Correct? If so then they should be given a chance to work at certain facility if they meet all the requirements for the job.

These type of people expect everything to be handed down to them and not expect to do anything in their life.  Most of the people depend on the government to supply their every need. Many people need to realize that the government (welfare system) is only temporary. You are not supposed to depend on them for your basic essentials for life. People get mad when they are not receiving their items from the government, but the questions you should be asking yourselves are “Are you actively looking for a job?  Are you doing what you suppose to do? Do you expect to part of the system for a while?” Instead of depending on the system, you need to get out of the system and depend on yourself. Some people think they are beating the system by staying there and using the government dollars that people with jobs pay for. What they don’t realize is that the system is actually controlling them by telling them where to live, how much food stamps they give you, and who can stay with you. If we get rid of the laziness that Americans tend to have, we will somewhat be a better country. The immigrants tend to not be lazy because they have been working hard all of their life, because that is all they know. Most of the time the immigrants don’t keep the money for themselves, they their earnings to their families back home to help provide with whatever needs that they have. Also the U.S. currency is worth much more in some countries and this is very helpful to their family. Also why do we call people not from America immigrants? If they received citizenship in the U.S. they are now Americans. We should call them Americans unless they state otherwise. That was my main two reason why American can benefit from immigrants/future Americans.

I only have one main reason why immigrants do not make for a better America. America needs to learn how to better itself. I’m not saying immigration is a bad thing, but it’s not going to better America. Immigration is not going to make America better, maybe economy wise, but with the race issues that we have been struggling with in past four years. The way America is setup certain people will start to harass other races just because they are different from them. America is call land of the free, but people don’t want to accept change and they want to stick to the mind set they had from the 1950s. I don’t understand why some people cannot accept others for the way they look. To be honest we all look different but we are part of the same race, the human race. People just need to embrace different cultures because America is a diverse country. People come to America to receive a new life or to start all over. Let’s give them the opportunity to express themselves and be different. That is what makes America great. We are just one big melting pot and get to have a variety of different cultures in our country. What other country can you say has diversity? , because I don’t know of any country as diverse as America. I don’t even understand why race plays a factor in almost everything that we do. I understand that we cannot forget our culture, and do not get me wrong I love my culture, my history, and where I come from, but we should also continue you to move ahead in the future and make America better place for future generations to come. We should all put our difference aside and just accept each. Don’t judge each other by their race, but by their character. This would make America a better place, not immigration. We need to focus on how we can uplift people instead of degrading people and other cultures.

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