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Al Gore

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1. Tony Blair

2. Conservative

3. David Cameron

4. Menzies Campbell

5. Liberal Democrat

6. a: Can the Prime Minster can meet with a broadly based cross party delegation from east born?

b: Will the Prime Minister confirm that this week, the key part of the home information pact is being ditched?

c: Why did minsters get it so wrong?

d. An African American woman states if the Prime Minister can put safety first and people before profit.

e: How can we be handed if weЎЇre not willing to condemn IsraelЎЇs disproportionate response?

f. Discussing equal rights for Scottish and Welsh people.

g. Victims of people trafficking, and asks if UK can sign the convention.

h. A lady asks if the Prime Minster is aware of a factory closing in north Yorkshire.

7. Prime Minister Blair states that they have been adding more nurses in Eastborn hospitals to shorten the patients on the waiting list. He also talks about the advantages and the disadvantages of the home condition report to answer David CameronЎЇs question. They also debate over home buying and many other public issues such as servant abuses. Cameron attacks the policy making of the Prime Minister, but the Prime Minster retaliates by saying Cameron and his party hasnЎЇt done any better.

Prime Minster states that if Israel stops deliberately

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