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A Biography on Al Gore

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Essay title: A Biography on Al Gore

A Biography on Al Gore

As the Vice President, and one of the main running candidates in the presidential race, Al Gore has a lot on his hands. He manages to handle a full family as well as his duties at work and running a, hopefully, successful race. His main challenge will be to convince the people of the United States that he is the best of all of the candidates. This may be somewhat of a challenge for the Vice President with a formidable foe to run against. He and his running mate, Joseph Lieberman, are to face the one and only George W. Bush, the son of the former president George Bush Sr. Now we will travel into the life that has led up to this competitive race, the life of Al Gore. We will also meet the people that have played a major role in the way that this democratic candidate has formed his personality.

Al Gore was born on March 31, 1948, and is the son of former U.S. Senator Albert Gore, Sr. and Pauline LaFon Gore. Raised in Carthage, Tennessee, and in Washington, D.C. While in Washington D.C., Gore spent much of his time living out of hotels. His father was traveling quite a bit so he was forced to only live in temporary living quarters. This part of his life may have affected his people skills. He had very little contact with children and experienced most of his time with adults surrounding him. This may have caused the young man to mature at a much higher rate than other children. Gore then moved up in the world and went to college. Gore received a degree in government with honors from Harvard University in 1969. After graduation, he volunteered for enlistment in the U.S. Army and served in Vietnam. Gore used his military experience in his campaign, to relate to many of the veterans of foreign wars and to give the voters background as to his commitment to the country in which he lives. Returning to civilian life, Gore settled in Tennessee and studied religion at Vanderbilt University

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