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American Revolution Essay

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Korpo Kamara



American Revolution War (How did the Americans won the Revolutionary War)

Will, the Americans pretty much didn’t have proper sources of finding food and equipment to defeat the most powerful army and navy in the world. But one thing they did have was organized militia. Some members were common citizens such as farmers, craftspeople, and businessmen. They also had remarkable courage and prevailed and were called minutemen.

 They won with the help and support from France because France had all the equipment’s it takes to defeat the British. George Washington not a military genius, but his strong faith caused his determination to fight, and the mutual love he came to share with officers and men carried him through many dark nights. Thousands of men had given up their youth, their health, and sometimes their lives, for Independence.

Benjamin Franklin was a help to the Americans also. He represented America in France; his play important roles in obtaining French troops and warships in 1775 the Americans established Continental Army. It was the Continental Army that won the battles but local militiamen performed two immensely valuable services: they secured the home-front, responding quickly to any British incursion, and they reinforced the Continentals during crucial battles.

The Americans won their independence; because they didn’t quite the war no matter what the issues were they continued to fight. Although there were some moments when the Continental felt like thrown in the towel in spite of defeat after defeat, in spite of not being pay, rampant disease and inadequate supplies, they still kept going.

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