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American Revolution Thematic Essay

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Essay title: American Revolution Thematic Essay

American Revolution Thematic Essay

The American Revolution was one of the most profound wars our nation has experienced. It was not just a war, it was a struggle for American Independence. Its aftermath was a significant change in the lives of the Americans. The American Revolution extensively changed American society politically, economically, and socially.

The American Revolution greatly changed American society politically. The most reflective political adjustment was clearly America’s Independence. After winning the war, American was formally recognized as an independent nation. Its boundaries were stated to the Mississippi River in the west, the Great Lakes in the north, and Spanish Florida in the south. Along with independence, America had to find an efficient way to depend and rule itself. The first attempt at that was the Articles of Confederation. America went from being “virtually” represented in Parliament to designing its own constitution. The Founding Fathers attempted to truly display how much America will change, in the Articles of Confederation. When previous representation was close to non-existent, in the Articles, each state was equally represented. However, the Articles brought some misfortune to America. It was clear that the states were given to much power and not having the power to tax increased national debt. Along with great change politically, American society was widely modified economically.

After the American Revolution, America witnessed immense economic alterations. After the Revolutionary War, America lost its prime economic trade partnership with Britain. However, there was an upside. America gained access to trade with the rest of the world. Previously under Britain, they were limited to trade solely with the mother country. After gaining independence, America obtained the freedom to trade with foreign countries. Another change in America was a negative one. Inflation spread due to currency changes and overprinting. This hurt economy because it devalued the public’s dollar. Also, new taxes were produced from a new nation. American could no longer rely on Britain to pay off everything. America established a national debt from borrowing money for war. A final economic

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