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How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson?

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I know Andrew Jackson earned his nickname “Old Hickory” by protecting his men. Therefore, just because of his nickname, he must be the greatest president. He can’t be a great president because he did lots of undemocratic things. Jackson was one of the largest slave owners. He mailed home bone splinters to Rachel that occasionally pushed up through the skin in his arm. He also fought lots of duels (Background information). Did Jackson treat all people equal? I think Andrew Jackson was not democratic because he forced Native Americans to move to the west and he also threatened South Carolina over the Tariff of 1828.

Andrew Jackson didn’t treat everyone equal because he forced Native Americans to move to the West. Jackson and the settlers wanted the land of the east of Mississippi which was very fertile and it obtained gold (Document C). So there was a court case between Worcester vs. Georgia in which Worcester won and now they can stay in Georgia as Cherokee is a distinct community (Document E). But Jackson didn’t agree the decision and said the president have all the power to make a decision. After all the experiments failed, Jackson said that relocating the Native Americans was the best policy to protect them from the white people (Document B). So at last, Native Americans have to leave at thousands of people died in the travel to the Indian Territory and it was called “Trail of Tears”. Thus, Native Americans had no part in Jackson Democracy.

Jackson threatened South Carolina over the Tariff of 1828. There were nullification

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