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Refugee Crisis Essay

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Refugee Crisis Essay

Let’s say that one day someone were to cross paths with a person that desperately needed help which would determine whether they were to live or die. The current refugee crisis is the global adaptation of this scenario. The refugees are living in countries that don’t have a stable enough government to help its citizens with the most basic means of survival. This may be due to corruption, war, or a number of other reasons; the point is that these citizens are unable to stay in their country without their safety being threatened. The rest of the world should take an interest in helping these victims by opening their doors and providing economical contributions and protection.

To begin with, the refugee crisis has been exacerbated because of the recent spike of wars, economic exploitation, and, globalization in third world countries. Because of the increase in corruption, there has been an exponential growth in the amount of refugees fleeing to other countries. Now, because of this influx of people, countries are trying to cut off entry to refugees in any way possible. For example, people that are attempting to seek asylum in neighboring countries should be allowed in, “but in reality, the EU has tried to prevent asylum seekers from reaching its territory wherever possible”(Thrilling). This is not what countries should be doing. The EU, whose economy is very stable in comparison with where the refugees are coming from, is fully capable of taking in migrants. And the EU is not the only one that is at blame for not accepting immigrants. The US is also at fault for this shortcoming. In early 2017, Trump “issued the executive order banning entry for ninety days by citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. The order also indefinitely halts refugees from Syria”(Almasy). This is another example of a country that is, while clearly capable of taking in refugees, refusing to admit people. Although the ban was more religiously and racially targeted, it still shows the theme of stable countries refusing to help the disadvantaged.

Studies show that the current “worldwide refugee crisis” is to be the biggest in history. The U.N. Refugee Agency says that “around the world, 68.5 million people have been forcibly displaced”(Thrilling). Now countries have adapted to deal with this fact, some differing in their approach. The EU, as mentioned previously, has been shutting out people in any way possible. The actions of the EU are flawed because it “exacerbate the very problems they purport to solve, by forcing irregular migrants to take more dangerous routes, often with increasing reliance on people smugglers, which in turn encourages states to crack down

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