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Technology Around Us - Lights Go Out

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Professor Sarah Carroll


09 April 2014

Lights Go Out

To start talking about this subject first we must start with the main idea, defining what is technology. Technology is the phenomenon that surrounds us with appliances and technical equipment on a daily basis in our world, is an element that does nothing more than set up our environment in the age we live in, while not new to us as they endured so much over time and continue to equal or wrapped in a technological world that demands man a new way of learning, adapting to each new environment building.

        Thanks to the technology we have made giant steps for the human history and his evolution by such simple things that we don’t appreciate that much has we should do, like for example, in the medical field we fight disease more effectively than before and we can create antibiotics that can make you survive deadly dieses and make you feel better. Another advantage could be how now we can travel so fast to one place to another wen just a couple years ago that was thought has something impossible to do. The list of the advantages that technology brings to our life can be almost limitless but had you ever thought that this rapid evolution and dependence on the technology could harm us instead of helping us.

        People and huge companies like banks, stores, TV stations, literally everything is now day is so dependent that they cant survive without their emails, cellulars, laptops, internet, Wi-Fi. Everybody would be lost without the technology. So imagine a day that


the entire system collapses and nothing works literally go back in the days where man did not have this technology. Maybe you are thinking right now that this type of things is impossible, that this would never happen. Well you may be right but you maybe wrong also, nobody knows what could happen in the future. There is a theory that if the sun erupts to violently and sends huge waves of energy to the planet earth. All of our technology could collapse because of the interference of the energy of the sun and this is a fact proven by scientist of the NASA.

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