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Challenges Facing the Indian Media

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Challenges facing the Indian media

Corporatization of Media

Corporate houses own national level newspapers today from whom the newspapers earn most of their revenue from. Weaker section of society suffer the most as their concerns and aspirations aren’t projected appropriately.

Monopoly Trends

Monopoly in the media has arisen due to above discussed point and coming up of media houses. This is serious issue. With big newspapers covering major parts of urban areas, local newspapers with low level of operating are facing financial crisis. Media show showcase grievances of all sections of society, in the interest of democracy. In order to do this, ownership of media should be given to such bodies who are concerned with the grievances. If the above mentioned issues aren’t met, the truth won’t be available dissemination of information will be partly guaranteed.

Malpractices and Corruption

In media, corruption occurs in both implicit & explicit forms. Examples include blackmailing, yellow journalism. Implicit ones include disinformation & paid news which is basically aimed at serving certain wishes & suppression of grievances of minor communities have become common. Other things which have become common are promotion of tycoons,products & services, defaming rivals through interviews, promotion of political leaders & parties. Journalists are given various favours like expensive gifts, foreign trips and are wooed in order to get a friendly review even though they know that such acts aren’t

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