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Charles Chaplin

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Charles Chaplin

Charles Spencer Chaplin was the comedian, the greatest film comic in the history of mankind. The actor was born in 1889 in the London East End. Sydney was his brother, four years older than Charles. Chaplin’s parents were actors. Two children adored their mother for her blue eyes and long light brown hair. Little Charlie couldn’t remember his father. Mother told him that he was a very good artist. But the trouble was he drank too much. That was the cause of their separation. During Charlie’s childhood, the family traveled a lot in England.

At the age of 14, Charlie became a dancer in the music hall. After some time he joined the actors group where he played the main comedy parts. In 1913 Chaplin went to the United States. There he became the world famous star. Later the actor built his own film studios and in 1920 was the producer of his owns work. Charles Chaplin worked in Hollywood till 1952. The actor had several invitations from the Academy to receive a special Academy award for his films.


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