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The Cay by Theodore Talor Phillip

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In the cay survival novel by Theodore Talor Phillip changes in hundreds of ways. In the cay by Theodore Talor Phillip is going to Virginia and gets hit by a torpedo. Phillip is separated from his mother and he is left on a raft with a Stanger named Timothy was a person from the ship. Timothy and Phillip are stuck at sea for 4 days. Finally, Timothy and Philip found an island in Devils Mouth called the cay. They go to the island and have survive a hurricane. 3 ways Philip change throughout the story is by becoming more independent, less prejudice, a team player. Phillip ultimately changes significantly thought the book.

While on the island Phillip becomes more independent. In the beginning Phillip is completely helpless and relies on Timothy for everything. In the book it states "young bahss,we need sleepin’ mats” . “You can make d’mats” I looked over in his direction “you can do it” (Talor 64). later in the book Philip becomes more independent. The text states “I blurted out to timothy I’ll climb the palm now” (Talor 98). Phillip becomes more independent for the beginning to the end.

Over time, Phillip got less prejudice over the the beginning Phillip think timothy is saving all the water and food for himself. "that isn't enough I complained I felt I could drink 3 cups of it” (Talor 35). At the end Phillip shared what he got with timothy. An example is “we drank

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