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Analysis on Healthcare in Malaysia: The Pharmaceutical Business

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The higher rate in infant mortality shows that the nation may has a serious problem in the health facility and accessibility and the economic development. The development in the country should also be measured by other variables other than GNP per capita. That variables are the health variables such as the child mortality rate (infant mortality rate and toddler mortality rate), the maternal mortality rate and the life expectancy can be used to measure the health status of the nation and the economic and social development in the nation. If the development in the nation occurs, it is usually accompanied with the pronounced declines of the maternal mortality rate, both infant mortality rate and child mortality rate and the increasing in the life expectancy.

Those are merely important basic demographics indicator in measuring the health status of which in turn reflects the development of the nation. It is then, undeniable, how significance the healthcare to the population and one of the sub-sector in the healthcare offering are the pharmaceutical industry. The importance of the pharmaceutical industry lies at the heart of its drugs and its development of the new drugs of which have had saved million of lifes in curing the diseases across the world.

The role of the government is very important in ensuring that its country is developed through

the international and local policies or perhaps the allocation of budget in the certain sectors such as in human interventions. Healthcare is an investment of human capital, critical for higher productivity and for the economic growth as well. The government’s ability to monitor priority needs for the health spending is dependent on its ability to monitor the state of public health. The enormity task and the complex nature of the healthcare.

services demand an approach that mobilizes expertise, resources and efficiencies from government.

Government in a society determines the nature of the health policies, plans and programmes for dealing with the health problems and health practices. It is, therefore, in any discussion involving of the health

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