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Brand Storytelling as the Future of Marketing

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Sandip Banerjee

Student of MBA Executive, Christ University, Working in Adobe Systems Inc. India as a Senior Technical Consultant in AMO (Adobe Media Optimization). Email:, Mob: +91 8884525356

Prof. M H Sharieff

Professor of Economics, Email:, Mob: +91 9242163432


Currently in the age of technology with the business requirements, marketing is an integral part and with the time beings, there has always been calls for improvement in the marketing strategies. Better marketing strategies have been a key for any successful business. We have experienced a change in the marketing methods in last few decades where different platforms have been used with the improvement of technologies. Few have been used for long due to easy interaction with the customers and few haven’t been worked very well with the perspective of their adaptiveness. In the future, as well, high concentration should be preferred in the area of Marketing. Here in this paper, it is been investigated and discussed the change in the marketing strategies and how it can be redesigned for the upcoming days with suitable example of different marketing methods. This paper has concluded more reveal of the past successful story of any business with their unique upcoming plans should be the key to grab the customers and maintain the excitement with upcoming product plans.

Keywords: Old marketing strategies, Involvement of technologies in marketing, Marketing agile, Research methods, Future of Marketing


When the term comes ‘Marketing’ that depicts nothing but the science of making a business profitable by fulfilling the human needs. Now how the requirements can be fulfilled that begins the story of the change in marketing. But the search of result has always been unique which is nothing but making the profit in a business. With the ages of the advanced technology, marketing strategies have been changed parallelly with their direct and indirect use.                                

Business is such a process where the direct involvement of the customers is the basic need and fulfilling the needs the customers is the only motive for a business. This basic circular process is solely maintained by the highly qualified business executives with the help of their better plans. These plans have kept changing by knowing the customer requirements and to get more involved with the customers to know their requirements better for the better result in the future. And this introduces the Marketing Research. In the studies of the research, we always need the data from the past which tells us the stories of ups and downs and collect the samples of the data which are important for the future analysis. What is going to be in the future is the most unpredictive in nature, but that’s the only way we can invent the better ways to showcase a business. And these ways are the process of different marketing methods.

Science and Technologies have been the integral part of the Marketing methods. From handout to Radio to Television to Mail to SEO to Web and Internet to our smart phones, have always been a game changer with the smart adaptability in correct time. The smartest process of marketing in current age is the web and internet and apps which is not a doubt. Reason is not only the way to connect to the billions of people in a fraction of moment, also this is the most cost effective way. Cost has been nominal for the promotion and marketing over internet. And in a wide range, people are comfortable to grab this whole process and fulfill their requirements.

But when the availability of the source is very high that creates the confusion in people mind to understand which one is better or more precisely which would be the best option for any individual. They seek for trust, background and most cost effective as well. No better marketing strategy helps them to opt for the best except the individual past successful story of their business and the future enhancement which make someone excited. So, sharing the success stories draws the believe to one and comparatively the best marketing strategy for the future.

Review of literature

The need of the research was initialized in search of an effective way of doing the marketing which would be possible by less investment and huge impact can be made on people’s mind about the product. Research was started keeping in mind how the impact can be created globally as well as local people, both can be covered in terms of selection of the audience following the marketing methods. Marketing was the platform of research and during the selection of the topic, it was measured the where things should be improved in terms of gathering more people to s specific product or a brand. And as the area was provided here, need was to find out the method of marketing which would be creating good scope for the future to make a brand more visible and able to be grabbed by the most number of people. Once the topic was chosen as “Story telling with real data of the brand in marketing”, research was made by studying the journals and story how things have been improved still now on brand story telling. No public review was gathered as data during the processing of the thoughts due to the small period. The need of review the topic was necessary as storytelling has been always focused on the brand review or the brand organizational background. But real data towards the brand have not been used in the brand storytelling. So, the focus has been how to use the real data, like the actual data which is related to that brand’s specific product that has helped to grow the product from the very initial day of preparation and at the same point of time how people have been involved in numbers to that product from the past which can help to incorporate more people to that brand. That shows the growth of the trust towards a brand.

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